CNAME with root domain

Hello !

I am currently trying to add a custom domain to my service, and saw the docs regarding the possibility to add a cname configuration.

The problem is that the only configuration allowed for an apex(root) domain in Scaleway is to use an ALIAS, due to the RFC’s policies on the use of CNAME.

I was thinking using the cname flattener from Cloudflare, but wondered if there was a ‘simpler’ solution ?

(On one hand it “work” because Scaleway does redirect to the pod, but the router of the service is going mad because it does not find the cname config + SSL issues)

Hi @Simon_Jamois , it’s related to this thread

Using CNAME flattening from Cloudflare is definitely the way to go. As you mentioned, it’s a DNS standard… so you have limited choices here.

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