404 Error on Navigating to Root Domain


We get a 404 ERROR on our root domain.

The custom Qovery URL works and troubleshooting as shown here does not reveal any problems.

We have redeployed our app multiple time to see if we can resolve this problem, but that does not work.


  • dig
<>@<>:~ $ dig CNAME tawihealth.com +short @

<>@<>:~ $ dig A tawihealth.com +short @

Hello @tawihealth ,

I can see in your prod application that the domain associated is tawihealath.com instead of I guess tawihealth.com.
If it’s well a typo, can you update your domain and redeploy your app ?

Oh my…

Days of debugging this only for it to turn out to be a typo…


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