Is it possible to chose the AZ in which EC2 instances will be deployed?


I’m trying to reduce my Data Transfer bill on AWS, and so I’d like to have all my EC2 instances to be deployed on the same AZ.
I know that it’s not a good practice, but the savings I’ll make by doing that overcome the risk of unavailability (given our app usage).
So, I’m wondering if there is a way to “force” the EC2 instances that are spawned to be spawned in a specific AZ.



We do not provide this feature as is.
But in the coming weeks, we are going to release the possibility to manage yourself the network part where we install the kubernetes cluster.
So if you are willing to manage the network infrastructure, you are just going to need to give us the vpc_id and subnets id you created for us to install the cluster on it.

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