Change for cluster setting

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  • OS: Alpine, Docker
  • databases: MongoDB
  • Programming language and version: Node.js, 18.*
  • Link to your project on Github/Gitlab: Private

Your issue
We are deploying projects for test demos so we want to change our default cluster setting to meet our current minimum requirements. Below is what we hope to change:

  1. AWS EC2 instance types from “t3.xlarge” to “t2.micro”

We love Qovery due to your resilient service and hope you can help us. :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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Hi @Andrew_Shen , welcome and glad you like Qovery. I put @Pierre_Mavro in cc who will respond concerning the minimum resources required to provision an EKS cluster with Qovery.

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Hi @Andrew_Shen ,

It’s unfortunately not possible because some deployed services (required by AWS or Qovery ones) require more than what a t2.micro provides.

As mentioned Romaric, if you need a smaller instance for small usage, then our coming new product is definitively what you need: Host your app on AWS for $20 per month [Beta] - #24 by quasimotoca


OK! Thanks for your information!

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