Host your app on AWS for $20 per month [Beta]

Today, Qovery relies on an AWS EKS (Managed Kubernetes by AWS) to deploy your apps. This service costs you $220/month. Regardless that you deploy 1 or 10 applications. My team has been working for 2 months now on a $20/month offer to host your apps on AWS - Qovery AWS EC2 . The difference? Qovery spawns an AWS EC2 instance instead of an AWS EKS Kubernetes cluster. It’s the perfect solution for your hobby project and testing environments.

The main difference between AWS EC2 and AWS EKS is the number of Availability Zones (AZ). If a network or power disruption happens on the AZ where the EC2 instance runs, your applications will no longer be available until it’s solved. It’s an acceptable outage for most of the development and hobby projects. That’s why we only recommend running development and hobby projects on an EC2 instance!

When using AWS EC2?

Here are the use cases where using AWS EC2 is a good choice:

  • To try out Qovery
  • To deploy a hobby project/side project on AWS
  • To deploy your Preview Environments on AWS

When not using AWS EC2?

  • To run a professional application on AWS in production

something that you can ask yourself to arbitrate is: “Is it ok for my business to have my app not available for 24h?

How to get access to AWS EC2?

We do expect to launch in beta AWS EC2 in the coming days. Reply to this thread and I will put you in the loop for testing it :slightly_smiling_face:

Any other questions? - feel free to drop them below :point_down:


Is it possible to use it in a general linux vm environment such as digitalocean droplet, not only ec2?

It’s the plan after the GA release for AWS :slight_smile:

Romaric, please add me to the list of beta testers.

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With pleasure @moinuddin14

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Hi Romaric,

I just got notified by email about this new offer.

My question is : Can I host multiple apps on this configuration ?
Let’s say a NextJS app + pgsql db + a meilisearch instance.

I guess 20$ is the starting price, as soon as you add apps, the price goes up ?

Thanks for your time,


Hi @davidr ,

Theoretically you can. However, your resources will be really constraints. But for a hobby project, I guess it’s acceptable?!

You will be able to choose the EC2 instance type you want and adjust depending on what you need. The risk of putting too many applications is to make your apps very slow or/and crashing.

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Put me in the loop. I’m evaluating Qovery and anything that keeps our costs for preview apps and microapps down is a good thing.

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:+1: I put you in the loop

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Put me in the loop pls :wink:

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Really interested on this!

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I put you in the loop @Dani_Castro :+1:

interested on this @rophilogene :smiley: thx

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@rophilogene :wave: interested !

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please Put me in the loop!

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Put me in the loop :slight_smile:

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Happy to be in the loop as well! Cheers

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I’d love to be a part of the Beta! Sign me up!

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It’s coming sooooonnnn :sunglasses:

Have a great weekend :tada:

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Great timing :grin:. Can’t wait!

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