Can I deploy a cluster to EKS Anywhere (AWS Hybrid cloud)?

We run an VMWare vSphere cluster on premise and we also have customers who prefer to run their environments onpremise instead of in the cloud for various reasons.

We would also prefer to run our dev/test environments on our existing hardware that we have a ton of spare capacity on rather than rent new VMs from AWS for EKS.

Can we deploy on Qovery to EKS Anywhere?

Thank you

Hi @addiva-software ,

Qovery does not support on-premise deployments at the moment. It’s something that we highly consider adding in the future. But there is no ETA yet. Happy to discuss further your need and see how we can prioritize this and if it makes sense for more users.

Can you describe your need? E.g. do you need to make your test environments accessible from the outside of your private network (Internet)? It will be super helpful to see what we can propose if you give more context about how you would use Qovery in your current environment.