Moving a cluster from Qovery managed to self-managed

We have a Qovery-managed AWS EKS cluster, looking to convert it to a self-managed cluster: .

We have some deployments that are stuck would like to get them out soon. Can anyone help ?

Hi @saadhypng ,

To move your workload from a Qovery Managed cluster to a self-managed cluster, please do the following:

:warning: A migration means potential downtime for your users. So, make sure to plan and communicate with them properly.

  1. Install Qovery on your EKS cluster as indicated here.
  2. Clone your environments from your old cluster to the new cluster
  3. (Optional) If you have some domains attached to your apps, you’ll need to reassign them to your new services within your environment.

I hope it helps

@rophilogene There no option to convert the existing cluster to self-managed?
as we have other resources also deploy 2 stateful services.

The environment will just clone the apps?

I don’t see anything in the documentation regarding this.

Also can we alteast get some room here to manage our apps for a month, I can pay for one month.


Hi @saadhypng , no you can’t simply convert an existing cluster into a self-managed cluster.