[IMPORTANT] Update on our Single EC2 K3s offer (AKA Qovery EC2)

Hello everyone,

As you may know, we have been offering the choice to use two types of Kubernetes clusters to deploy your applications on AWS:

  • a fully managed EKS cluster
  • a single EC2 running a K3s cluster (also known as Qovery Single EC2)


The “Single EC2” has been in beta for a few months and we have been recently working on a few fixes to make it stable and get it out of the Beta program.

The new version, which is available on any new “Single EC2” created since 24/02/2023, avoids any data loss while upgrading/updating the cluster configuration which will make it easier to maintain the cluster in the future.

What will happen to the existing Qovery EC2 instances
The new version is NOT retro-compatible and a migration is required.

If you have a running Qovery EC2 cluster You will have to:

  • create a new Single EC2 instance cluster in your organization
  • clone the existing environments on the new cluster
  • migrate any data you want to keep on the running services. For databases, you can use Replibyte to manage the migration
  • delete the old cluster

We expect the migration to be completed BEFORE 27/03/2023. If not done on time, we will run a massive update and your instance will be replaced by a new one with the right version and any data stored on the previous instance will be lost.


  • Can I use a Single EC2 to run my production environment?
    We clearly discourage using it for production purposes. Since it runs on a single EC2 machine, it does not guarantee service availability in case of a problem on that machine. Moreover, at every cluster update/upgrade, the instance is stopped and restarted (causing a service availability issue)
  • Has the Single EC2 instance the same feature as the managed EKS cluster?
    No, there are a few limitations. you can find here the list