Kubernetes Upgrades/Updates (AWS)

I am searching for documentation about what Qovery does in terms on upgrades/updates (e.g. on AWS).

As far as I found there are 2 things, which need updates:
1.) Kubernetes Version (on cluster/nodes)
2.) OS/security patches (on cluster/nodes)


Nodes (managed):

Nodes (self-managed):

I assume Qovery uses managed Nodes?

Platform Versions:

This sounds like it does encapsulate OS/security patches for the Cluster as well as the worker nodes?

Official Docs from Qovery (related to that):

So in addition to the questions above I’ll add these:
a) is there any additional official documentation?
b) how does Qovery handle all this updates?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Deathdragon , welcome here, and thanks for asking. It’s a very important question and the appropriate people from my team will complete my answer.

We have hired a documentation writer to join us next week (good timing?) and that will work on this part since it’s a very important topic for us. So, you will have to wait the coming days to see something in the documentation.

We have a dedicated team of engineers working full-time to keep updated the infrastructure of our users. So you can be sure our engineers will update it in time. Qovery makes sure that you don’t have to think about it. Especially in the cloud, where updates are very frequent and require full-time engineers to handle them effectively.

Note: we have some delay before releasing the major updates concerning managed Kubernetes (EKS, DOKS, Scaleway Kapsule…) since we need to validate that there are no breaking changes. If it’s the case, we have to handle them. But still, it’s transparent for you. If there is anything that we need from you, one of our engineers will directly contact you.

Let me know if you have any other questions until one of our Product Managers responds.