EC2 Instances cluster AWS

Hi there,

We are trying to optimize our aws cost by scaling our ressources.
We have one cluster on AWS EKS and 3 environment with multiple application
Application doesn’t need much ressources.

Previously we were on t3.medium and upgrade instance to c5.xlarge.

I feel it curious that after upgrading, number of instance c5.xlarge remain at 15 instances !! (cluster was configured min 3 to 40).

Then i reduce max to 6 instances and it had scale down ec2 instances to 6 which i think is very large resource for our application.
I’m aware qovery need resources but why my cluster didn’t scale down automatically my number of instances when it was at 15 and why it doesn’t go even lower than 6.

It really look like a not normal behavior.


Hi @JrmyDev ,

I think you might find this thread helpful to understand how resources allocation work on Kubernetes (under the hood).