Issue on resource allocation

Hello Qovery Team,

I already read the Romaric post here about the resource, but I still have some question and issue:

I have 3 C5.large on EKS (Min 3 / Max 3):
On this 3 instances I run 2 environments with:

  • env 1:
    • helm chart consuming : 400vCPU and 656 MB
  • env 2: 2 services
    • service 1: 250vCPU and 256 MB RAM
    • service 2: 500vCPU and 512 MB RAM

If I understand correctly, I have 3 C5.large so : 6vCPU / 12 GB RAM
and from the Romaric post, what I can actually use is :
1.5 vCPU / 1.5 GB for each instance
1.5 × 3 : 4.5 vCPU / 4.5 GB RAM

So In my context, I should still have : 3076 vCPU / 3076 MB RAM free ?

It is correct ?

Because if yes, I have an issue on my cluster, because I’m unable to add a new service on the env 2 with : 1500vCPU / 2048 MB RAM

Cluster ID: 4971bac2-eb84-45a7-b369-a13e9e225650

Hello @Simon_Pera,

You can use this tool to have a view of the resource usage in your cluster.

If you group resources by namespace, you can see that env 1 used more resources than you expected in your calculation.
The other resources (cert-manager, logging qovery…) are necessary for the cluster to be operational


Thank you, this is a precious resource for monitor the cluster

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