Resource Allocation Reporting Mismatch between Qovery and Kubectl

Hello Team,
I am seeing some inconsistencies between numbers showing for resources in qovery console for our application and actual resources we are allocating.

How can a CPU usage be marked at 53.0 while actual resources is 0.25 CPU?
(please see screenshot below).

I also ran the kubectl-view_allocations command against one of our clusters We have only allocated (looking at resources for each application) around a total of 1.5 CPU units for application and deployed a datadog agent , why is is showing that no CPU is available. we have 3 t3.large nodes so we should have at least 2 CPU unit available if my calculations are correct.

Link to our environment qovery console below:

The reported value is the usage in milliCPU.

53m means that you’re using 0.053 CPU on the 0.25 that you requested, so approximately 20% of your allocations, as shown by the progression bar under “VCPU usage”.

Edit : @Qovery_Team, you may want to divide the value by 1000 so that it’s easier to understand. :slight_smile:

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for the display mismatch, I just noticed our front end team to manage it and make it clearer.

For the resources allocations you should try kubectl-view_allocations without flags. It will give you the detail of resources allocations.

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Hey @Enzo
There are a few yellow marked rows. Does that mean these containers don’t have available resources they are requesting? Thanks!

The yellow means only the only request value is set but not the limit one. There is no allocated value for it which let the pod ask how much resource it needs. It’s a security to avoid issue.

If you need more explanation, all you need is here.