Cluster deployment not working


I’m trying to deploy an EKS cluster in zone eu-west-3 with t3.small or t3a.small instance but it doesn’t work.


it is a bug on our side. You can’t use instances with less than 4gb RAM for EKS clusters.

We’re deploying a fix.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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Thanks @Enzo for your reply. Any ETA ? I would like to deploy this cluster asap

Fix is now live.

But as I said, using a 4gb+ instance type will allow you to deploy your cluster.


We need smaller instance for staging and to reduce cost

If it’s not for production you can use Qovery EC2. You’ll be able to choose instances with 2Gb RAM.

You’ll find this kind of cluster documentation here.

But we need to deploy multiple application (microservices and internal app).

Any reason why small instances are not recommended ?

Fix seems not working, same error

There is no reason you couldn’t deploy multiple applications on Qovery EC2, It’s just a single instance with K3S running on it. It acts like a Kubernetes cluster.

The only thing you’ll have to do is to be sure all your apps can fit into this single node.

Regarding small instances, it’s not a recommendations thing but a Qovery limitation since cluster enables more features and requires more resources.

You can’t use instances with less than 4 GB RAM. t3.small shouldn’t be on the list of possible choices for EKS clusters.

The fix removed it from the list. You have to switch to another type.