Custom Pod Scheduling

Is it possible to set a custom node affinity for services that run in Qovery via node affinities or topology spreads? looking to make sure my replicas are spread across AZs.

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Hi @Marcelo_Labardini , I think you might be interested in looking at this part since Qovery Engine (in charge of deploying your apps) is fully open-source.

Does it respond to your question?

Hello @rophilogene, thank you for the reply. How would I go about forking the application chart with the custom annotations and have the Qovery app use it for my service deployments?

Hi @Marcelo_Labardini ,

We have internal discussions to give official access to modify your charts with custom annotations. At the moment it’s not possible, but I can keep you posted about our decision.

I put @a_carrano and @Pierre_Mavro in cc

Hey @Marcelo_Labardini ,

can you tell me more about your use case for needing custom annotations?


A bit outside of the initial topic but …

I need to be able to inject (via admission controller) trace libs for Datadog APM. This requires both access to custom labels and an annotation:

    labels: "true" # Enable Admission Controller to mutate new pods in this deployment
    annotations: "<CONTAINER IMAGE TAG>"
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@a_carrano I need access to set custom labels and annotations.

Ok thanks for the info!

Adding labels it’s in our backlog and will be done in early Q3. Managing annotations is more touchy since it modifies the application’s behaviour that Qovery manages and thus it might have unexpected results.

We have to work on a design doc first to know what we can allow or not (like the Datadog where you have to specify the lib version) so, for now, we do not support the library injection method with Datadog APM natively. Waiting for the annotation implementation, you must either use the manual library installation mode or deploy your own helm chart with Qovery.


Thank you for the reply @a_carrano. I’ve read through the same custom helm deployment referenced here: HELM charts to be used for Lifecycle jobs - Examples. We will go that route until the custom annotations and labels are available to us.

Hi @Marcelo_Labardini - were you able to get this done? I’m in the same situation and any details about implementation would be helpful for us. Regards