Custom annotations


Is it possible to set custom annotations on application pods?

We are setting up Prometheus in our cluster and it would be very helpful to use custom annotations for selecting pods.

Hey @prki !

For the time being no, you cannot add custom annotations to applications pods.
It’s in our roadmap and will tackle it at some point.
Default annotations for the time being: {{ service.long_id }} {{ service.type }} {{ environment_long_id }} {{ project_long_id }}

You can still add annotations to your apps if you use helm charts to deploy it, you can set annotations you want.


Thanks @bchastanier but the existing annotations are not enough. They are assigned to all applications but we want to enable metrics collection only on some based on the annotations we set.

Is there a timeline for adding custom annotations to applications via Qovery UI/API? Can we request to bump it up somehow?

Here’s the feature on the frills board => you can comment and vote for it.
cc @a_carrano

Out of curiosity, what kind of annotations you would like to add? If you have couple examples it would be awesome !


Funny, I already upvoted that feature request some time ago :slightly_smiling_face:

We could almost get away with filtering by environment and service type but we have some 3rd party tools installed that do not follow our logging/monitoring practices.

Here are our use cases:

  • We want to tag all our applications (without 3rd party tools) so we can automatically configure JSON log parsing and /metrics endpoint scraping for them. We enforce these on all our applications but they wouldn’t work with 3rd party pods in the cluster. We would use this tag to find all relevant pods and collect their logs and metrics. Right now we will need to hardcode ids of each application into our configuration and it will not work with PEs at all.

  • We want a tag with a plain application name so we can use it as a label when scraping our metrics and then we can use the same Grafana dashboard for different environments. Also plain environment name would be useful too so we can filter by human readable name rather than id.


Thanks for the detailed use cases @prki.

Just to be clear: do you want to customize the pod or the annotations of a pod? We had both in mind but they have different constraints (the roadmap idea is mainly for customizing kube resources labels)

We only need to customize labels/annotations of the application pods.

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