HELM charts to be used for Lifecycle jobs - Examples

It would be great to get some example HELM charts for all kinds of deployments eg if we could get the HELM chart that is being used for Stateful deployments we can easily make minor changes and deploy via lifecycle jobs.

Also, other examples include HELM chart for monitoring ( Grafana + prom stack) , having these common examples in a repo to be used by customers can increase adoption of the platform.


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Hi @saadhypng , thank you for your question - it makes sense to provide some examples on deploying Helm charts with Qovery. Especially that it is the case :slight_smile:

Did you check out those examples:

  • How to deploy Helm charts with Qovery → It’s a concrete example of how to deploy a Kubecost Helm Chart with Qovery. It applies to any Helm Chart.
  • This example does not use a Helm Chart but a Containerized App with the Lifecycle Jobs - It’s still interesting because this tutorial explains how to install the AWS Assume Roles on the Qovery Kubernetes cluster by using a Lifecycle Job.
  • Some Lifecycle Job examples with Helm, Terraform, Pulumi, Serverless…

To better understand how it works, you can check out the Lifecycle Job documentation.

Let me know if you need any further help.

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I second more examples. I think it’d be great for some common examples. I would love AWS Cloudwatch for Container Insights. I’ve set it up according ot the tutorial and running into some permissions error so a full example would be really helpful. Honestly i would love if there was just a toggle in the Qovery panel for turning on Container Insights with CloudWatch but that’s just me perhaps.

Hi @kincorvia , that’s exactly the purpose of the Catalog Services we are working on. I invite you to watch quickly this:

You can also read the Catalog Service part from this article.

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Hi, I’m just bumping this thread to let you know that we now support an easier way to deploy Helm Charts :slight_smile:

Happy to have your feedback