Deploy Helm Chart with Qovery

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  • OS: Linux
  • databases: Redis and Postgres
  • Programming language and version: Python/Flask 3.7+
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According to your features page using Qovery CLI I can do something like “qovery helm install my-release example-mychart”. I would like to use this functionality to deploy Apache Superset following this recipe: Running on Kubernetes | Superset

What are the steps needed to make that work and given I’m attempting to use a “public” helm chart would I be able to pull those imagine into Qovery?

UPDATE 10/01/23:

Since Lifecycle jobs, it’s simpler to deploy Helm chart. You can find this tutorial to deploy a Helm chart.

Hi @pantera-travis ,

Yes, you can install any helm chart on your Kubernetes cluster with Qovery. Note: we will provide an easier way to do it in the future but at the moment here are the steps to do it.

  1. Connect to your Kubernetes (EKS) cluster.
  2. Install helm on your local machine.
  3. You can follow the [installation instructions from Superset](Running on Kubernetes | Superset
  4. That’s it!

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Sweet that is more straight forward than I expect! Follow up question:

Will the superset deployment show up in the qovery UI then? Mostly I’m hoping to get access to the logs for each pod/container.