[UPCOMING FEATURE] Helm chart deployment


I’m happy to announce that we are close to releasing a new major feature: you will be able to deploy any helm chart natively with Qovery!

You were already able to deploy helm charts thanks to this documentation but we wanted to have helm charts more integrated within our product and here we are.

A quick recap of the feature:

  • it will be an additional service available on top of the applications, databases, lifecycle jobs and cronjobs
  • You will be able to deploy your helm charts from:
    – a helm repository (or OCI registry)
    – a git repository
  • We will also let you manage the values overrides by your chart via:
    – a file (Stored on a git repo or as raw yaml directly on Qovery side)
    – via the helm --set/–set-string and --set-json helm arguments
  • We will simplify the ingress/TLS configuration by automatically creating a domain for you. You just need to let us know the service and port that you want to expose

I’m sharing here a Figma prototype of our interface showing the creation flow that we are implementing on our console right now. → here’s the link

Feel free to comment on this thread if you have any feedback/question on the feature or prototype :pray:

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