Helm deploy error


trying to deploy a helm chart deployment

when running it locally:

helm install wordtest . -f values.yaml --namespace wordtest

when running it via qovery:

šŸ Deployment request 3335ca1e-cc8e-43be-91c8-1b55487a1b33-52-1708355936 for stage 1 `HELM DEFAULT` has been sent to the engine
ā³ Your deployment is 2 in the Queue
šŸš€ Qovery Engine starts to execute the deployment
šŸ’£ Deployment aborted following a failure to deploy a service. This is a general/global message. Look at your services deployment status to know which one made the deployment fail
Qovery Engine has terminated the deployment

Where is the services deployment status? to get more information or how can i try and troubleshoot this?


apiVersion: v2
name: helm-wordpress
description: Deploys wordpress
type: application
version: 0.1.0
appVersion: "0.1.0"

- name: wordpress
  version: 19.3.0
  repository: https://charts.bitnami.com/bitnami

i have run a helm dependency update to get the chart dependencies

qovery config:

- git provider 
- github org repo
- root path points to the folder containing the chart.yaml and values.yaml files
- deploy helm arguments []

- file source none
- if i click the default values preview i can see it picking up the values.yaml file correctly

all over sections left as default / blaml

Hello @Stephen_Bennett,

Iā€™m taking a look

Looking at your configuration, some public access CIDRs are specified: we are not able to connect to your cluster.

To resolve this issue you need to set publicAccessCidrs with no value to allow Qovery to trigger deployments.


Yes! someone changed my eks config and i didnt know. helm deploys!

thank you!

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