Helm deployment with ClusterRole - cluster wide resource error

Hi everyone!

I want to deploy an external service helm chart that declare a ClusterRole.
→ I’ve added the helm repository of that service to get access to the heml chart,
→ I’ve overrided some values with my own file,
→ but when deploying the chart through qovery I get this error:

Error while rendering template: “betterstack”: “Cannot deploy ClusterRole rbac.authorization.k8s.io/v1 as it is a cluster wide resource”

My guess is betterstack needs to define clusterroles and it can’t for some reason, but I’m not sure if it’s because of qovery permissions or not ?

Any ideas ? :pray:

Hi @YannT ,

I think this is what you are looking at >

You just need to turn on this option from your helm service settings.

From the Helm documentation page

Allow cluster-wide resources: Allow this chart to deploy resources outside of the environment namespace. You must have the full-access permissions on the cluster, the right is present by default in Admin, Devops and Owner roles. 

Example: if you want to create a new CRD or a new ClusterRole, check this flag.

My bad !

It seems obvious, but for some reason I missed this toggle :sweat_smile:
I resolve that part of the problem, I still get some other helm upgrade error, but it must be related to charts, I’ll dig into that.

Thank you Romaric !

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No worries, I know this one can be not super obvious. Maybe we should make the error more explicit with a doc link there. I cc @Julien_Dan

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