Error installing Qovery BYOK on Exisiting EKS cluster: ebs-external-attacher-role

I’ve got a dev EKS cluster that I am using to test BYOK . I built it with terraform and the aws-eks-blueprints using mostly defaults and I have already installed the ebs_csi_driver_irsa add on to support other thigns that I want to run on this cluster.

I was following the install guide and got to the point of running the helm chart install:

helm upgrade --install --wait --atomic --create-namespace -n qovery -f qovery-config.yaml \
--set services.certificates.cert-manager-configs.enabled=false,services.certificates.qovery-cert-manager-webhook.enabled=false \
qovery qovery/qovery

And I got this error message:

Error: Unable to continue with install: ClusterRole "ebs-external-attacher-role" in namespace "" exists and cannot be imported into the current release: invalid ownership metadata; label validation error: key "" must equal "Helm": current value is "EKS"; annotation validation error: missing key "": must be set to "qovery"; annotation validation error: missing key "": must be set to "qovery"

I wanted to see if I had missed a step or config that is required prior to running this helm chart? Or if I need to modify my keys to allow the helm chart to manage this role.

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Thank you @ks321 for reporting this - our engineering team is going to respond ASAP

Hey @ks321

Can you please share your values.yaml?
Did you set aws-ebs-csi-driver to true while you have already it installed on your cluster?

Thanks !

Thank you, yes that was the problem and I had also missed replacing some “set-by-customer” placeholder variables.

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