Create service account on EKS Cluster with terraform


We currently handle all our AWS infrastructure exclusively through Terraform and do not utilize AWS GUI/CLI. I’m inquiring whether it’s feasible to establish a service account within an EKS cluster that is managed and set up by Qovery. My approach is based on this guide: Using AWS IAM Roles with Qovery, and I aim to implement all the steps solely via Terraform.

Thank you.

Hello @Syed_Iftekhar_Ahmed,
I’ll take a look and get back to you as soon as I have a proper terraform setup

Ok. Here is how I tried it.

data "aws_eks_cluster" "my_cluster" {

data "aws_eks_cluster_auth" "my_cluster" {

provider "kubernetes" {
  host                   = data.aws_eks_cluster.my_cluster.endpoint
  cluster_ca_certificate = base64decode(
  token                  = data.aws_eks_cluster_auth.my_cluster.token

resource "kubernetes_service_account" "service_account" {
  metadata {
    name      = "NEW_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_NAME"
    namespace = "NAMESPACE_MADE_BY_QOVERY"

Ah ok, did you succeed to do the first steps on aws side using terraform ? (oidc provider / iam roles / etc)

Concerning the above terraform file, do you have any error when executing it ?
In the service_acount resource, I think you need to add the annotations field with your AWS_ROLE_ARN (Use AWS IAM roles with Qovery | Qovery)

Yes the annotations were added I get an authorisation error.