Connection closed on custom domain

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  • OS: Windows 10
  • databases: PostGreSQL 12
  • Programming language and version: Python and Django
  • Link to your project on Github/Gitlab:


For a few days, i have an unexpected connection closed error when i go the website i deployed with custom domain :

I can see the connection to the site is not secure. Is it related ?

The generic URL is running fine, so i should be a network or certificate issue.

I’m still on V1.

thanks !

Hi @sLevasseur - is it for your to migrate on the v2? (we just released the support of environment variables).

Hi @rophilogene, not sure I understood your answer. Do I need to migrate on V2?

If you can migrate it will be better :slight_smile:

Ok i migrated to V2 and added custom domain. is all green.

But, i do have a default back-end 404 when i try to access the website with custom domain and the SSL is not valid yet :

The CNAME record seems ok to me :

Screenshot 2021-07-14 165759

Custom domain used to word on the V1.

Thanks !

@Pierre_Mavro can tell you more about it as he can look internally.

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The team is going to take a look ASAP (thanks @Aggis15 )

Hello sLevasseur,

Can you give me the url of your environment so I can take a look please ?
It Is the one that start by

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Erebe, shoulb be this one : Qovery Web Console | The simplest way to deploy your full-stack apps in the Cloud

Thanks looking at your issue :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late response, after investigating your case it seems we have a regression with custom domain in the V2.

It is going to be fixed tomorrow or next week if time is short.

I am going to keep you updated regarding the evolution.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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Hello, OK no worries. Keep us informed
Qovery is a very good product and you are putting a lot of effort into it.

Everything is back to normal. Custom domain and TLS are OK.

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