Cleanup Slack Messages

Right now the Slack message for start & success of deployment looks like below

There are two issues

  1. It does not show the actual app that is being deployed or success.
  2. In the deployment success response, it shows all apps in that environment. This is rather confusing.

Is it possible to make sure that only the concerned app’s name is shown. While others are hidden.

In Some cases the application name also shows up

Also the message for cron job does not mention the job name itself

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Hi @r4881t , thank you for reporting this. We’ll provide a fix this week :+1:

Hi @rophilogene

That’s great to know. Another thing to note is that notifications are also pretty unhelpful. Would be great to know a 1-Liner summary like XXX app is deployed or XXX app deployment failure and then some messages.

Example of messages from Qovery for deployments and another service for latency alerts.