Please can you assist me in updating my slack webhook url for my Qovery organisation

I have initally successfully integrated slack with Qovery by ensuring notifications get sent to channelA.

Now we want to update the integration to stop sending to channelA but send to channelB - but this is not working.


url -X POST -H 'Content-type: application/json' -H 'Authorization: Token qov_XXX' -d '{"description": "slack notifications", "target_url": "", "environment_types_filter": ["DEVELOPMENT"], "events": ["DEPLOYMENT_STARTED", "DEPLOYMENT_CANCELLED", "DEPLOYMENT_SUCCESSFUL", "DEPLOYMENT_FAILURE"], "kind": "SLACK", "enabled": true}' \


{"id":"XXX","created_at":"2022-07-13T23:16:41.659013199Z","updated_at":"2022-07-13T23:16:41.659014119Z","description":"slack notifications","target_url":","events":["DEPLOYMENT_STARTED","DEPLOYMENT_CANCELLED","DEPLOYMENT_SUCCESSFUL","DEPLOYMENT_FAILURE"],"project_names_filter":[],"environment_types_filter":["DEVELOPMENT"],"enabled":true,"target_secret_set":false}```

please can you advise why this is happening ?

@rophilogene has helped to resolve this

used a curl DELETE request to remove old integrations and the recreated the slack integration from scratch

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