Gitlab hook failed to connect


Recently our application’s auto-deploy haven’t been triggered in development environments - despite the toggle being on:

So I went to look at our Gitlab’s repo hook pages and found that the Qovery hook as failed to connect:

So there are 3 questions that prompt from here:

  1. How/why does this happen?
  2. Is there a way to find out about it without having to look for the problem?
  3. More importantly, how can I solve it?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @manu,

Can you go in the edit section in your screenshot and let me know what you have in the recent events ?
If you can click also on a view details of a failed event to give us the details, it would be hepful for troubleshooting the issue .

Hello @Erebe , appreciate your help.

I didn’t have the permissions to see that, so I asked someone else to look at it. He re-enabled the hook and it seems to be working at this point. However, he says there were no recent events listed.

You can try to do a pull request, or push some commits. You should have some events listed after that.

If it is still not working. You can delete the webhook completly form gitlab, go to qovery console, and create a dummy application from this repository, so Qovery can re-create the webhook for you

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