Change sync group used by EKS IAM Mapper after cluster deployment

Is it possible to change the sync group used by EKS IAM Mapper after cluster deployment? It is set to “Admins” by default but this overlapped with an already existing group we were using, and we want to change it to something with more appropriate permissions.

According to this document Create Credentials | Docs | Qovery, you can change it using the advanced setting “aws.iam.admin_group”, but not after cluster deployment. We can’t redeploy our cluster, so I’m wondering if there’s another way.

I did notice it’s installed as a Helm chart. I’m wondering if it’s safe to manually redeploy the Helm chart? If there’s any possibility it could break something, I don’t want to attempt it.



You can do it after cluster creation.

  1. change the advance settings, and ensure you have the same set of rights with the new group
  2. Re-deploy your cluster, and you should be good

Worked great, thanks Romain!

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