Aws users created by qovery

I need to update access keys for some AWS users that have been created by Qovery.
The user names start with qovery-aws-iam-eks-user-mapper-, qovery-clustauto-, and qovery-logs-.
How can I edit the access keys for these users ?

Hi @Antoine_Prudhomme ,

Today there is no way to update them, and as soon it’s “service accounts” it’s not a big deal. It’s planned to move to roles to avoid this issue and make it more secure, but no ETA yet.

How critical is this issue for you?


Hello Pierre. We also have a security requirement to do this exact thing. We have about 30 days before it becomes an issue.

Ok, we’ll take a look then asap.

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Hi Colin, Cc @a_carrano

Hi @colin ,

FYI we have already started to work on it, you should see in the coming days IAM users moving to roles. We’ll keep you updated once everything will be done.