BYOK Qovery Cluster Install CLI Error

I got an error building a new cluster using the qovery CLI. I ran the qovery cluster install command against my new EKS cluster and I get this error:

Error: Get "": tls: failed to verify certificate: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

Hi @ks321 , I’m going to double check on my end.

In case you run this command somewhere else than on your local machine, could you please try on your local machine the following command: qovery demo up?

I want to see if you face the same issue from your local machine.

No it immediately errors:

❯ qovery demo up
Checking and installing dependencies
jq already installed
grep already installed
sed already installed
curl already installed
docker already installed
Installing k3d
helm already installed
All dependencies are installed

Fetching Qovery values to setup your cluster
ERRO[2024-05-09T05:52:22-07:00] Error executing the command exit status 1

Can you open this URL in your browser?

You should see this Yaml content.

Yes I am able to see that URL

I have couple of questions:

  • What’s your Operating System? And the associated version?
  • What’s your browser? Is it the latest version?

if you run: curl from your terminal, does that work?

I’m on the latest Mac OS, it does seem to be a problem with my curl. I did a little digging and it looks like we have some security software on our computers doing man in the middle checks that isn’t functioning correctly. I’ll go chat with our security guys. Thanks for your help!

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