Unable to Deploy App With Docker or Procfile

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DEPLOYMENT_ERROR occurred while deploying app

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i cant deploy my app which have both way Procfile & Docker. This is project was successfully deployed on v1, but now this is error

i dont think is project issue any. Qovery v2 is still in beta but it Must work docker

Dockerfile content (if any)

`FROM python:latest

RUN python -m venv $VIRTUAL_ENV

RUN apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y
RUN apt-get install -y ffmpeg opus-tools bpm-tools
RUN python -m pip install --upgrade pip
RUN python -m pip install wheel Pyrogram TgCrypto
RUN python -m pip install pytgcalls ffmpeg-python psutil

RUN wget -q https://github.com/callsmusic/tgvc-userbot/archive/dev.tar.gz &&
tar xf dev.tar.gz && rm dev.tar.gz

WORKDIR /tgvc-userbot-dev
CMD python3 main.py

docker build -t tgcalls .

docker run -it --rm --env-file ./envfile --name tgvc-userbot tgcalls`

Hello. Your dockerfile seems to be the issue here. The syntax is rather wrong from what you have in your post. Here are some helpful resources to help you write the correct dockerfile: How to write a Dockerfile | Qovery
Write a Dockerfile for Node.js and Python Apps or Projects for Deploying on Web | KartikTech - YouTube

EDIT: Friendly reminder to use code blocks for your code as it makes easier for people to read your code. Normal copying messes up the syntax, hence leading to more issues.

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yes there is a problem with dockerfile recheck it maybe :hugs: