Unable to access logs with command line and CLI questions

bytebeam on  master [?] on ☁️  (ap-south-1) 
❯ qovery auth

Opening your browser, waiting for your authentication... 
Qovery: Success!

bytebeam on  master [?] on ☁️  (ap-south-1) took 10s 
❯ qovery log
Error: 403 Forbidden

Also cli always default to an application which I’ve deleted in the environment

You need to reset the context with the command qovery context set since your app no longer exists. Can you try?

That works! Thanks Romaric.

There seems to be a few problems with cli. Can you please help me with these

  1. I can’t exit out qovery log -f with CTRL + C
  2. Can I disable timestamps in logs because my native logging also has timestamps
  3. Is there a way to easily switch applications and environments? Using command line flags instead of interactive inputs?
  4. logging in to bash seems to be wrapping lines. This doesn’t happen with my native kubectl exec using same container
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  1. How do I access underlying kubernetes cluster to use it with kubectl?
  1. I’ve no issue on my side. Can you give more context about your setup to try to reproduce your issue? (OS, Terminal, Qovery CLI version?)

cf my video

  1. It’s something that we can try to provide. I’ll see with my team. Can you ask for this feature in our roadmap?
  2. Yes, take a look at this thread > Is it possible to pass parameters to qovery shell? - #2 by rophilogene
  3. What shell do you use? is it /bin/sh or /bin/bash?
  4. Look at this tutorial to get access to your Kubernetes cluster👇
  1. Apologies! This seems to be my terminal issue. Went away after I restarted my terminal
  2. I use bash

Edit: Upon investigation, this doesn’t seem to be a default terminal app in mac os. kitty or other terminal apps are causing this

  1. This is convenient. Can I do similar thing with logs? qovery log {url} -f is still taking me to default app’s logs