CLI Error with API Key

I am trying to limit access to some Qovery environments by using the Qovery API token when making CLI requests.

I created the API token by following the CLI command qovery token. I selected the Organization and Role and set the Token name and description.

After I have my new token, I set the API token to an ENV var like specified in the docs. export Q_CLI_ACCESS_TOKEN=

When I go to run my shell command qovery shell I get the error:

FATA[2024-03-04T14:28:12-05:00] error while creating websocket connectionwebsocket: bad handshake

Hello @jmilam-bluesky

Do you manage to connect by providing the full URL to the Qovery shell command? Or do you have the same issue?

For example:
qovery shell

@Pierre_Gerbelot same issue unfortunately with the entire url.

qovery shell

Could you provide the url of the application?

I do not have that ability to give out the full url of the application on this forum. Can I ask why that is necessary? Is there a way to more securely divulge that information?

I might need this to investigate your issue. For now, I can reproduce the problem on my end without this information. I’ll contact you directly if needed

Indeed, the qovery shell command does not support the token authentication method. We will work on fixing that. Meanwhile, you can use the qovery auth method.
Thank you

Thanks for your help Pierre, and the clarity on the limitations of the token auth.

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