"Target Future Environment" option for deployment rules

The documentation (Deployment Rule | Docs | Qovery) shows a “target future environment” option for deployment rules. Was that option removed?

I’d like to be able to set up a blueprint environment with both auto-deploy and start/stop at specific times. But I don’t want the blueprint environment to ever start.


Hi @drees, from our experience, we have seen that the Deployment Rule feature can be a bit confusing. So we have replaced it with the Create On Demand option with Preview Environment. Can you check if this could fit your need? It’s much more flexible and works perfectly well with the auto-start and stop option.


Hi @drees,

regarding the documentation, it was outdated (based on our old interface) and we will update it soon.

The field is still there but it is called “Matching Condition - Environment Name”, you just have to set “[PR]*” in this field and the rule will target any preview environment created within your project.

Thanks @a_carrano! I had been looking in the deployment rule settings for my blueprint environment rather than the project-level rules.

@rophilogene I really like the automatic creation of the preview environment from PR, so I don’t think I want to turn on the Create on demand option.


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