Questions about Deployment Rules

Hi there,

we’ve got a couple of questions regarding deployment rules:

  • If we add a rule to an environment that gets cloned, is the rule also cloned?
  • What happens if we open a PR (that triggers clone + deploy) outside the time frame of the rule? What happens when pushing to a PR that is deployed already but turned off, because of the rule?
  • Can we manually start environments that were turned off by the rule? Do those then just stay on?

Thanks in advance for some answers :pray:

Hi @FlorianSuchan ,

here the answers:

  1. yes
    2+3. the rule start and stop the environment only at the scheduled time, it does not intervene outside those 2 timestamps. (meaning that you can manually start an env that has been automatically stop, you can create and deploy an env with a start/stop rule etc…)

Let me know if that answer to your question,

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