Deploying changes to a stopped app in a stopped environment


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After deploying an update to an app I noticed that in one of my stopped environments it starting deploying the change. From what I’ve read this shouldn’t be happening.


Push git change to an app in a stopped environment

Hello @moisesrodriguez

Sorry for the late reply here.

From what I see in your env:

  • Everything is stopped, the whole env is stopped
  • You push a commit an app within this env, this app is likely in an autodeploy mode
  • Your env is starting, more precisely a lifecycle job configured to be triggered on env start

If your app was stopped, it looks like a bug on our end, if your app is stopped, even with auto-deploy activated, it shouldn’t triggers an application start.

Can you confirm the setup? Your app has autodeploy activated and was stopped?


Hi @bchastanier,

No worries, to confirm you question, our setup has autodeploy activated and the apps are stopped. This is our blueprint environment for preview environments that is always stopped.

I have not noticed this behaviour recently, but when I posted this, it did happen a couple more times.

Hey @moisesrodriguez,

Thanks !
Do you mind if I close this one and you re-open it if it happens again?


Hi @bchastanier, sure, no problem.

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