Deployment not deploying latest commit


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Last night I had a weird issue. After a deployment we noticed that the latest changes where not showing up. So looking at the console I saw that in fact multiple services did not have the latest commits.

I did a redeploy and it stayed the same. I had to click individualy each service and choose the latest commit on the modal with all the commits, to have them update to latest commit.

I have auto-deploy so not sure what happened here. Today after manually updating to latest commit, the issue did not reappear.

It’s not happening anymore, but I want to understand under what scenarios this case happens, so it does not happen again. It the first time happening, we are not sure what we did for a service stop deploying latest commit.


  • Merge on Bitbucket and wait for deployment.
  • Redeploy individual service

Hi @moisesrodriguez ,

sorry for the late reply.

Indeed this should not have happened, once the auto-deploy is set we should keep the service updated with the latest version. If the issue disappeared, we might have had an issue with bitbucket and missed a few webhook calls to update the commits.

Note that the re-deploy does not update the app to the latest version (you should use the “deploy another version” action)