How to have latest cloned job commit when auto deploy is off



I have a blueprint environment for preview environments, but I have two jobs with auto deploy off, because I don’t want the jobs to auto deploy when there is a commit, because they create external resources. But when I have auto deploy off, the cloned preview environment job does not have the latest changes.

It’s not like I want to be manually deploying those two jobs every time I update them in my blueprint environment.

What is a workaround this issue?


Have auto deploy off and then create a preview environment

Hey @moisesrodriguez,

Did you get a chance to look at this post? There is a solution to make your setup works.

Let me know if it helps.

Hi @bchastanier the solution in the post you mention is to:

  1. Activate auto-deploy in blueprint env
  2. Stop blueprint
  3. This will always have the latest changes and blueprint won’t start on new commits

That I already do for my apps and it works just fine, when I deploy a preview environment 1) it will have the latest changes 2) if somethings is updated in my app the auto-deploy will kick in and update them and that is the expected behavior.

This is my current setup

The thing with this setup is that the Jobs have auto-deploy off and they are not getting the latest commits. This is by design.

Originally I had all with auto-deploy on, but then when a new commit got pushed for a Job the auto-deploy would start in the preview environment for that Job and it would create again external resources, because that it’s his job. That I do not want, the resource where already created when the preview environment was created, so having auto-deploy off is the way to go. But then we are back to square one, the Jobs are not getting the latest commits when the preview environment is created.

If there is currently a solution to this issue, don’t now yet how to implement it. Otherwise:


Have the option when auto-deploy is off, have a toggle with the option to have the latest commit.

Hi @bchastanier, you mentioned there is a solution to make my setup work.

Hi @moisesrodriguez,

unfortunately there’s no alternative for now unless you update your jobs to not re-create the resources if they already exists if you run them twice.
Product side, we are adding an option to specify if the clone should point to the head of the branch or if it should clone the blueprint env as it is.

I have added the feature to our roadmap

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@a_carrano Thanks, that feature will be helpful.

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