Taking very long for my AWS EKS cluster to install

Hi, my cluster is taking a very long time to install. What can I do other than just waiting?

Hi, indeed, cluster installation takes up to 25 minutes on AWS. The reason is that the VPC creations on AWS takes 15 minutes, then provisioning EC2 instances through EKS and installing Qovery takes the remaining 10 minutes. While the installation is in progress, you can start looking at our first guide on how to deploy your app.

If you are interested to migrate an app from Heroku to AWS take a look at this guide.

If you are more interested by using the Preview Environments, take a look at this one.

Hey, thank you for the response. By long, I meant that it has already been over an hour.

Did you follow this installation guide?

It must not take so long. From my side, I see that your installation is still pending. cc @Pierre_Mavro

I followed the video guide.

Ok, let me come back to you ASAP. In the meantime, check that you have set the correct IAM permissions.

I used the these as shown in the video.

I rechecked and they are correctly setup.

It changed to “Installation error”. How can I get more information on why it failed?

Edit: I have re-run it at-least 3 times and it failed each time.

On AWS, I can see that a VPC has been created but no EKS cluster.

Created a new cluster.

Shows installing rather than queued installing like previously.

Edit: the new one worked!

Hi @ample-mans12ws , thanks for the update. Someone from my team is going to take a look