Router customization without using .qovery.yml


We are currently deploying images from a private registry. Using a Git repository for now is not an option.
Most of our applications can expose multiple paths. Sometimes to serve static files.


When we deploy from the Qovery console, there is a router created with only one default path value to /:

host: <redacted>-gtw.<redacted>
      - path: /
         pathType: Prefix

Is there a way to customize router as .qovery.yml could do without rocket science?

Hello @Sryther,

Indeed it’s not possible for the time being.
The workaround here is to setup a gateway in front so you can do your routing as you please.
Here’s an explanation on how to setup it: Use an API gateway in front of multiple services | Qovery

Let me know if it helps.

Thanks @bchastanier! I’ll take that and try on my side :slight_smile:

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