Web Console - Self hosted

Can the web console be self-hosted? I tried installing but couldn’t wire up the Github Oauth stuff correctly.

Hello @quasimotoca,

We are currently working on a solution to let anyone launch the project locally.
This week it will be good!

That’s great! Look forward to tinkering with it. Cheers, Dave

And we are super eager to see the first contribution from the community to the project! We’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:

Our initial goal is to auto-provision an application during signup and onboarding of customers. Much like Mattermost does. We’re also looking into a one-click deploy button for end users. We want to take the deploy process to end users.

Hi @quasimotoca,

it is still not clear to me how the self-hosted web console would help you on achieving your objective.

Just to be clear, the Console V3 is the front-end application and it will be completely open-source, you will be able to run it wherever you want and contribute if you want! On the other end, the API used by the front-end and the Qovery control plane (which allows you to manage your applications/infrastructure) will still run on the qovery infra and there is no way to let you run them in a self-hosted way

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Thanks for the clarification.