Redis deployment modes


We are considering using Qovery to deploy a Redis cluster but want to know more about how it works in the background and how it compares to using directly AWS ElastiCache (besides removing the need to manually configure the cluster on the AWS).

How does the Redis Managed solution work? How does it compare to using AWS ElastiCache directly without Qovery?

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Gonçalo Antunes

Hi @gon_detechai ,

Since Qovery provides you the ability to choose between a container (Redis in a container) and managed (AWS ElasticCache) instance, you will need to take a look at ElasticCache vs Redis differences directly.

If you are talking about the difference between managing ElastiCache via Qovery or not, then there is no difference with AWS ElastiCache. You just keep things simple regarding management on Qovery, especially if you are using multiple environments. Qovery will take care of well configuring your ElastiCache instance in the appropriate VPC, with the right security parameters and the right options to make it accessible from your applications.

Let me know if you need more clarifications

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