Connection timeout to Redis on AWS

Hello Qovery Team: @Pierre_Mavro @rophilogene
I am using Terraforms to deploy our applications and have successfully deployed an application using my set of terraforms.
It appears that there may have been some changes to the defaults Qovery uses for PRIVATE Elasticache REDIS settings. Now Auth is required, transport encryption enabled and while I have made no changes to my code or terraform (beyond of course changing cluster and new project information), my application now times out connecting to REDIS.

If this is application related, please let me know so I can continue troubleshooting, but I believe something changed on the qovery side, In this link below, I used the password, but I have also tried without password.

Any hints?

I found an article on this forum from @Enzo regarding the new auth changes for Redis 6. I will try to downgrade to REDIS 5 and will advise if this resolves my problem.


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