Can't connect to my Redis 5 database with the given credentials

I’m unable to connect to my Redis 5 database after deployment with the given credentials using the environment variables. The credentials are the same as those in the Overview screen in the console.

I got the following error: “ERR Client sent AUTH, but no password is set”

I tried to connect without the password, it works!

The password seems to not be set during deployment…

Hello, could you share the link to the environment with the database?



I can see you’re using a Redis 5 managed. This version doesn’t support authentication on Qovery. We implemented it from Redis 6.

If you still want to use Redis 5, you have to connect without a password.

Please let me know if you have further questions.


In that case, maybe Qovery shouldn’t set a password and/or show it in the console, because it can be really confusing and time consuming.

There is a warning during the database creation indicating that the provider (aws) don’t support public access.
In the same way, maybe it would be useful to warn that password authentication is not supported when creating a Redis 5 database.

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