Qovery Slack integration - What do you need and expect?


We recently started using Qovery and Slack integration to receive notifications about successfully completed deployments. One thing we noticed is that these notifications occupy a lot of screen real estate in the chat. You can see in the screenshot below there’s our custom GitHub action that provides a list of changes that are starting to be deployed and it takes up a fraction of the vertical space. Also, when you have a long list of applications that have been deployed we get a “X/Y applications have been successffully deployed” but it doesn’t seem very useful to just have a number. What do you guys think about making the notification shorter/more configurable?

Hi @PmegaOcalc , it makes perfect sense to me. We have feedback from a couple of users, and I think we’ll update the current layout to something shorter. It would be best to let our users customize it, but it’s impossible today. I’ll keep you posted on updating this.

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Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.