Qovery LogSnag integration - Realtime monitoring as an alternative to Slack

Hey folks,

Earlier I asked Romaric whether we could get a LogSnag integration as an alternative to Slack, and I was referred to the forum for some feedback.

I have built LogSnag for real-time event tracking, push notifications, and now simple analytics.

I am wondering whether anyone would be interested in a LogSnag integration for Qovery as an alternative?

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Hi @Shayan ,

LogSnag looks great. Our users are all using Slack and Discord as primary chat system and this is where they seem to centralize their notifications. Could you explain the benefits of using LogSnag over Slack?

Thank you, Romaric!

For context, I used Telegram and Slack for this purpose for multiple years, and LogSnag is a result of my frustration with those platforms.

To name a few advantages that would be relevant here:

  • Separate events from messages and chats
  • Fine-grain control over push notifications (directly from the API)
  • More flexibility when organizing events
  • Tags for search and filtering
  • Analytics over events
  • Public / Private API tokens with added access control

Iā€™d be more than happy to answer any additional questions :slight_smile:

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