Qovery + Multiregions / GeoDNS

Hello! Maybe this was covered somewhere but I cannot find it.

Can Qovery help me to do a multiregion/cluster architecture ?
I am building an API, that needs to be deployed (1) in europe (2) in Australia. if a user in australia query my API, I need the API call to be routed the server hosted in Australia vs the user in Paris querying my API to be targeting the server in Paris.
(and both user and using the same API endpoint like myservice.myapi.com)

How do you approach this ?

Thank you!

Hi @CBaptiste , there are multiple ways to approach this - the simplest would be to use GeoDNS. (Cloudflare provides a service like this).

To give you a proper response - do you expect to use the same database across the different regions? To reduce latency? For legal and compliance reasons?

If you can give more details, it will be great.