Multi-Region, Multi-Node RDS Setup

Hello @rophilogene @Qovery_Team
We have a request to adjust one of our RDS Postgresql databases of one of our clusters to be multi-node and support multi-regions. Currently Qovery’s template supports Multi-AZ but this does not give us an accessible read-replica that we need to offload some of reads etc. We would love to do this in a way that Qovery supports so Qovery can continue managing our infrastructure without us having to create breaking changing if we were to do this manually in AWS outside of Qovery.


Hi @sama213 , thanks for your question; that makes perfect sense.

Suppose the configuration provided by the default RDS from Qovery is insufficient. In that case, I highly recommend using our Lifecycle Job feature to deploy an RDS instance with the appropriate configuration via Terraform. You can look at this guide with an RDS MySQL instance.

Let me know what you think of this and if you need some help for Terraform. (I think you’re already familiar).