Restore managed postgres RDS


As part of our disaster recovery plan, I restored recently a postgres RDS database. With AWS it creates a new DB instance, going away from the Qovery managed DB (doesn’t appear in the UI, doesn’t share secrets, etc)

What is the advised workflow with Qovery to restore a DB to previous point in time?

  • Is there a route 53 I could update to change the hostname to the new restored DB? And Qovery will pick it up automatically?

  • A setting in the Qovery UI where I could create a new DB from a previous snapshot?


Hi @Francois ,

Today Qovery doesn’t cover such options. It looks like you’ll shortly be interested in more custom settings for your DR, which Qovery doesn’t cover directly from the UI.

What we recommend, in that case, is using lifecycle jobs and managing with Terraform your database (Terraform Registry). So you will be able to configure everything you need for the maturity of service you’re looking for:

  • Specify the backup timeframe
  • Backup retention period
  • Snapshot restore
  • Disk autoscaling
  • Replication

Here is a complete example where you’ll see how you can control and customize everything while you keep the power of Qovery: How To Use Lifecycle Job To Deploy Any Kind Of Resources | Qovery


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