Qovery API not working for some endpoints


I’m using the bellow endpoints

1 - https://api.qovery.com/application/#{app_id}/restart-service
2 - https://api.qovery.com/application/#{app_id}/metric/restart

The first endpoint working well for me. I be able to restart the application form my code. But the second endpoint never work.

Second point alway return 404 NotFound error.

I’m using the same auth token and same application id.

Can you help.

Thank you.

We test further,

And this endpoint working well for us.


It will return status of the apps within an environment.

And we should be good for now.

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Hi @Long_Nguyen, out of curiosity, where did you find those endpoints definitions?

This is legit place right? https://api-doc.qovery.com/

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Yes it’s the right place

Hi @Long_Nguyen ,

the endopint https://api.qovery.com/application/#{app_id}/metric/restart doesn’t exist, it is an error in our documentation. I’m removing it right now

What did you want to achieve with this endpoint?

We just want to fetch the status of a specific application.

But look like we be able to achieve that with this one


It provide status of all apps within an environment.

But that should be ok for us.

Just to be sure, do you want to retrieve the deployment or the running status?

The endpoint you pointed out here is returning you the deployment status of the app but not if it’s running fine (there’s a websocket endpoint for that)

I’ll also update the open API doc to make it clear

Awesome, we want both statuses. I will take a look at the docs.