Obesvability and volume sharing between pods

We have deployed a couple of services. Based on that we have some questions.

  • We are using EKS cluster. Do we have some infra/k8s monitoring, to monitor the state of the cluster nodes, networks, and storage?

  • Since we plan to have app observability, do we have some grafana, mimir, loki, stack deploy, or do we have to deploy it on our own, to be able to use it?

  • There is a requirement that two different services/applications need to share the volume. How can we add volume to the service and how to add existing volume to the second service?

  • Can we add an additional node to the cluster and use some affinity rules or node selector to deploy a specific workload to a specific node or node pool?

Hello @Vladimir_Stepic,

thank you for your interest in Qovery.

I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

  1. How can I monitor my EKS cluster?

If you go to your cluster page, you will find detailed logs of your cluster deployment.
If you click on Logs, you can access more details and see if you have any errors.

If you need more metrics and monitoring, we recommend you use a third-party application like New Relic or Datadog.
We have an example in our documentation on Observability and Monitoring with Datadog.

  1. Does Qovery provide built-in observability tools?

We don’t provide observability tools out of the box, but you can deploy your own using Helm.

Qovery deploys a Loki for internal use, but it’s not designed to handle customer traffic.

  1. How can I share a volume between 2 services?

Qovery does not support this feature but you can deploy your own solution.

You have multiple possibilities if you want to share a volume between services:

  • with Helm, you can deploy your storage solution like Ceph or Rook, and create a pod to use this storage.
  • AWS EFS is a managed solution to share storage between pods. You can check this documentation.
  1. Can I add additional nodepools to my cluster?

Today we don’t support adding additional nodepools to a cluster. If you need to deploy specific instance types, it is possible to use Karpenter on AWS. You can find more information on this topic Here

We are also working on supporting affinity rules. These will allow you to pin a pod on a node.

If you need more information on future features, our roadmap is public: Roadmap.

I hope my answers will be helpful in your Qovery journey.


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